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Who Should You Follow in SEO in 2022

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SEO was and still is the most potent way of promoting a website. Even with the recent changes in Google Algorithm, SEO isn’t dead, it simply changed or evolved into a more sophisticated art. Whoever adapted to the change prospered. Let’s talk about few such prominent persons.

Alex Miller started in SEO way back in 2007 which means he is about to complete a decade in the industry. He has survived and flourished in the face of several Google changes and kept his position high despite of updates, refreshes and more. This is why his clients could always rely on him. He provides a personalized solution to every business he works with which ultimately leads to the best result.

Andrew Hansen is another old player who has worked with hundreds of companies across different business domains. However, his real fame is in the SEO education.
Teaching SEO is sometimes more difficult than to do SEO actually. You need to be factually correct and also need to impart the knowledge structurally and coherently. This has been a specialty of Hansen. He specializes in affiliate marketing which many think has died. However, Hansen proved the cynics wrong many times with his course “Forever Affiliates”.

Now we come to our third expert of the day and it is Jack Duncan. While previous 2 experts earned their fame from service providing and teaching, Jack took an alternative route to success. Jack became famous due to the tools he makes for SEO managers and practitioners. His tools have made life easy for many of us. For example, one of his tools get you all the best keywords, depending on different aspect for your chosen niche. It works far better than Google keyword planner and requires minimal manual intervention.

Accepted that using these tools productively require little experience with SEIO but once you have the prerequisite, these tools come really handy. Finally, we come to the most popular one in the bunch, Rand Fishkin. He is the creator of the most authoritative blog in SEO, (formerly He is not endorsed by Google and thus, we can always expect an unbiased view of what’s happening in the SEO Services . You can find great and ready to implement tips on his blog. You can use the Friday whiteboard session to learn something new about SEO and you can avoid Google penalties if you follow his advices closely. When someone speaks at the headquarters of United Nations, Microsoft or Facebook, you can know he really knows his business.

It is a never ending process, like any other learning. SEO needs time and dedication. Moreover, as SEO is evolving rapidly and continuously, the knowledge isn’t validated for life. Once you stop learning for a year, your knowledge is often backdated.

This is when the SEO gurus come handy. They stay always updated and thus, following them and learning from them keep you updated as well. They teach, they make software and they are often easily accessible for a free tip.

Summary: SEO is never stagnant and the only way to succeed in this is to Follow trend and evolve with the help of these gurus you can easily achieve those. They provide all-round help in every aspect of SEO. You can may take help from Still Bon Technology as SEO services .


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